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COMING SOON ~ CEETL TLC: Critical Active Pedagogies (CAP) and ExCo

example of an active learning activity called the “Problem Tree.”
This particular discussion was around Dominant Language Ideology, working our understanding of this power imbalance from the symptoms (the leaves, on sticky notes which students wrote and posted up) down through the trunk to the roots of the problem…

“Active Learning Takes Courage”, Nov. 21 2019 blogpost I recently published, reframing the discussion of “active learning” from a student perspective, and prompting teachers to consider ways to build safe and brave spaces for students to cultivate the courage necessary to make active learning successful.

referenced in the above blogpost:

Reuell, Peter. “Study shows students in ‘active learning’ classrooms learn more than they think.” The Harvard Gazette. 4 Sept. 2019.

HUMAN BINGO community building example. Everyone should know each other’s names!