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Professional Development at SFSU

CEETL Workshop Participation


Beginning the Conversation: Integrating Social Justice into our Classrooms.” Co-facilitated interactive workshop with Joan Wong and Jolie Goorjian.


Links below to FALL 2019 In-service Presentations we shared with our colleagues; 10/7 and 8.

“Campus Partnerships, The Experimental College and the CAP Certificate” slideshow

“Faculty Involvement” and the SFSU Experimental College”

“Open Pedagogy, Open Web Annotation, Open Minds” about Zero Cost Course Materials, including use of hypothes.is, Medium.com, blogger, and wordpress. October 7 & 8, 2019.


“Grading without the Grief II.” Co-Facilitated workshop for Faculty Inservice Day, SFSU Writing Program. March 6, 2019.

Student agency in the classroom.” Co-Facilitated interactive workshop for Faculty Inservice Day, SFSU Writing Program, March 6, 2019. 

Service to the University

  • ExCo: Experimental College (ExCo) Faculty Advisory Boardmember; ExCo CAP Co-Coordinator for Writing Program. FALL 2019-PRESENT
  • FYE: First Year Experience Committee Faculty representative for Writing Program. FALL 2019-PRESENT.

  • Social Justice Learning Circle: I facilitated the Social Justice Learning Circle and Marginal Syllabus Project, beginning with texts on antiracist teaching and writing assessment. FALL 2018-SPRING 2019.
  • FYE Learning Circle: I participated in Nicole Brodsky’s First Year Experience and Belonging Learning Circle; collaboratively developed assignments.  FALL 2018-SPRING 2019:
  • CSL Learning Circle: I participated in Community Service Learning (CSL) Learning Circle; in Fall 2018 I developed an ICCE grant proposal for ENG 114 with support from CSL Learning Circle members. FALL 2016-PRESENT.

  • Host Teacher in CEETL’s “Open Classrooms: Teaching as a Specta(c)tor Sport” with two teacher observers, one tenured Biology professor and an English Composition GTA. April 2019.
  • Mentor Teacher for LAC Embedded tutoring program. SPRING 2017-PRESENT. 
  • Metro Program Instructor (SPRING 2018-FALL 2018) / ongoing Metro partner.


  • Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) Award for reducing cost of learning to students.Fall 2019.
  • Center for Excellence and Equity in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) First Year Experience Award. Spring 2018.

EXTRA-COLLEGIAL Professional Development

ERWC 4-day training.
Worked with high school teachers to narrow the gap between high school and college writing curricula.